You know what Thursdays on 'American Idol' mean -- one singer will be encased in carbonite and hung in George Lucas' living room. Let's look in on Steven Tyler, shall we?

This was a bigger night than usual for 'Idol,' because the two singers who'll compete in next week's finale were chosen. Ryan Seacrest wasted no time getting things started.

Like us, Jimmy Iovine didn't like Joshua's rendition of 'Imagine' from Wednesday night but also didn't like the song he himself chose for Joshua, saying he should've given the singer something with more melody. But regardless, Jimmy felt Joshua deserves to be in the top two.

As for Jessica, they replayed Steven's prediction that Jessica will win the whole competition, and Jimmy didn't necessarily disagree, saying Jessica could easily sing on the Grammy Awards.

Jimmy liked Phillip's first song and didn't like the second one, but said his rendition of 'We've Got Tonight' was heartfelt and genuine and the best performance of the night.

Before the results were announced, Steven told the final three, "I love you guys. You have the courage to have a dream, and if you don't have a dream, then there's no way to make one come true."

Ryan then told Jessica and Phillip they'd be in next week's finale -- and while the judges seemed to love Jessica's result and of course applauded Phillip's spot too, it was probably a bit of a bitter pill that their season-long favorite, Joshua, got the boot.

Not that it matters. All three are getting signed and really, winning this thing can sometimes be a bit of an albatross around one's neck anyway.

See you for the big dance next week.