Steven Adler has offered Guns N’ Roses an official apology for the remarks that he made yesterday during an interview with Loudwire, in which he insulted Axl Rose's new line-up by calling them “hacks.” As previously reported, the comment arose during a discussion of Guns N’ Roses' upcoming induction into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame this April.

Adler even goes as far as to name-check the entire current lineup in the apology, admitting that it was never about the musicianship. It becomes abundantly clear that he’s still harboring some ill feelings about his departure from the band all those years ago. So perhaps he shouldn't have vented so publicly, but it’s hard to get too mad at the guy after reading his statement:

“Sometimes my emotions get the best of me when talking about my former band. It’s hard to see your ex in bed with somebody else. We created one of the biggest selling debut albums of all time and it’s no secret that I want to finish what we started 25 years ago and play together at the Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame. The guys that Axl has put together are all great players. They’re not hacks in the sense that they can’t play, they’re all incredible musicians. I just meant that they are not the original lineup. I would like to apologize to Axl, Bumblefoot, D.J., Tommy, Dizzy, Richard, Frank, and Chris for my statement.”

Slash has made it clear that he’s not expecting to reunite with his old band at the big event, but Adler seems convinced his mates would do it. As April approaches and plans finalize for the ceremony, the drummer, who’s working on his own new album, still seems to be hopefully waiting on that phone call from Rose.

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