In a new interview, former Guns N' Roses drummer Steven Adler has sounded off about his somewhat new found distaste for his former bandmate, Axl Rose, insisting, "I have no desire to know him or work with him or do anything with him again."

While there were numerous occasions in the past where Adler was optimistic that the original lineup of the band would get back together to perform at their recent induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, that highly anticipated reunion failed to materialize, eliciting the displeasure of many of those in attendance.

While Adler expresses gratitude for having been a part of the Guns N Roses legacy, he tells Rolling Stone that he truly feels that Guns N Roses is "...totally out of my system," and that if a reunion was ever going to happen, it would have been at the induction ceremony.

"If it was going to happen, that’s when it was going to happen, and in Axl’s letter, he showed his true colors to the world... I was hoping that the five of us would have been there to play and show our respect to the fans, but the three of us who really do care about what our fans think and how much they’ve done for us were there, and we showed our love and respect."