Former Journey frontman Steve Perry is going to be recording new music soon, but it won't be with his old bandmates. The singer says he's working on a solo album, but it's been a challenging process since he's been out of the music business for so long.

Perry tells the Associated Press that he's recorded three cover songs and played them for a few close friends. One is a Beatles tune, but he wouldn't offer any clue as to which one, nor would he hint at what the other two covers are. The famously bashful singer went on to further crush any roseate thoughts of Journey reuniting.

"We have severely, emotionally gone our separate ways," he said. Perry did the interview to promote Tuesday's release (Nov. 1) of Journey's 'Greatest Hits Vol. 2' and the remastered version of his 1984 solo album 'Street Talk.'

While all but a nail or two has been put in the reunion tour coffin, the band's music lives on through radio and television. Recently 'Don't Stop Believin'' was used on 'Glee.' "It's very shocking because now I'm getting it for seven, eight, nine 10-year-olds coming up to me, and they love that song and they've made it their song," Perry said. "It's just amazing to me."

Perry admits he's been asked to appear on the hit Fox show as well as 'American Idol,' but says it's doubtful he'd ever appear on them, saying that he is not a "front-camera guy."