Journey fans across the world got all stirred up about the reported possibility of the group reuniting with former vocalist Steve Perry this week -- only to find out that once again it's apparently not going to happen.

But let's step back a minute and look at the larger question -- should Journey reunite with Perry? After all, they've been recording new music and delighting fans in concert without him since 1998, and it seems that he's quite content to be retired from the road. Then again, it's hard to imagine a venue they couldn't fill with Perry back in the fold.

We assigned two writers to take on each side of this great rock debate, and here’s what they said. As always, we leave the final vote up to you.


Journey Should NOT Reunite with Steve Perry
By Dave Lifton
Stop believing, already. Without searching the UCR archives, it seems like we go through this at least twice a year. Someone sticks a microphone in Steve Perry or Neal Schon's face and asks the only question that comes to mind. They try to give a diplomatic answer and we're expected to treat it like the contracts are all written and just waiting to be signed. Then, a few days later, comes the inevitable backtrack.

Whatever issues -- whether it's personal and/or financial -- that exist between the two camps don't look like they're going to be resolved soon. Perry seems to be content living off his mailbox money and picking his projects carefully, while Schon clearly relishes being in the band. Besides, Arnel Pineda is plenty capable of singing those songs, and people keep coming out to see them every year. So as long as all the interested parties are satisfied, why should they do something that could blow it all up?



YES, Journey Should Reunite with Steve Perry
By Melvin Van Nebula

It's been over two decades since Perry, Schon and keyboardist Jonathan Cain shared the stage, and over 25 years since the Perry-led lineup of Journey toured.

All that time apart has done absolutely nothing to diminish the fan excitement that boils over anytime even the slightest possibility of a classic-era Journey reconciliation is mentioned from either side. Outside of Led Zeppelin, it's probably the most asked-about reunion in classic rock today.

Rock and roll is all about freedom of choice, so we feel a bit bad saying this -- but it's time to answer the call and give the people what they want. There are entire generations of Journey fans who have never seen this lineup in action. However, this doesn't need to be a permanent arrangement. Journey can follow the "one night only" template provided by Led Zep back in 2007. Make sure there's high-definition cameras recording the whole thing for future home video release -- or heck, put it live on pay-per-view so the whole world can watch at once. (After all, we know Schon is familiar with that business model.)

Oh, and while you're at it, make sure Gregg Rolie and Steve Smith get their proper invitations, too!

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