The great thing about public access cable is that you never know what you're going to get, and there are occasional bits of surreal brilliance tucked between the city council meetings and local cooking shows — as residents of Monroe, Mich., recently discovered when viewers of the talk show Only in Monroe tuned in to see Stephen Colbert sitting in the host's chair.

Colbert, currently in the on-deck circle for his new-look Late Show starting this fall, popped in for a cheerfully bizarre episode — which you can watch above — that included a chat with Michigan native Eminem, who found himself on the receiving end of a Bob Seger pop quiz.

Colbert subjected Eminem with a barrage of Seger song titles — including "Against the Wind," "Like a Rock," "Night Moves," "Fire Lake" and "Her Strut" — to see whether he could sing any of them. The rapper came up mostly empty, but in his defense, Colbert did most of the singing himself. Check it out above and see if you could have done any better.

As Seger fans are probably aware, he and Eminem have been social on a few occasions. Speaking with Rolling Stone last fall, Seger mentioned taking his daughter to meet him and added, "I’ve met him a few times. I really like him. He’s got a daughter, and we talk about kids and stuff like that. I’ve used his studio and he's always very gracious about that. He never stops working. He goes five days a week."

And both artists are friendly with fellow Michigan musical fixture Kid Rock, who laughed about hanging out with Seger and Eminem in a separate interview. "Em's just sitting in the corner — me, Em and Bob — and they're trying to relate, but they're both a little kooky," he explained. "Eminem's funny as s---, man. He's a great father, he's funny, he's talented out his ass, but you know, obviously, my social skills are much more developed."

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