Music fans, rejoice! One of the biggest days of the year has arrived: the unveiling of 2021’s Spotify Wrapped.

For the uninitiated: Spotify Wrapped is the streaming platform’s annual roundup that shows listeners their most-played songs and artists of the year. It also breaks down your top musical genres, your favorite podcasts when applicable and the overall number of minutes you spent listening to Spotify this year.

Want to join in on the fun? Of course you do. So how do you access your 2021 Spotify Wrapped?

First, open the Spotify mobile app, where you’ll find the link to your full 2021 Spotify Wrapped. From there, you’ll be treated to a personalized slideshow that includes all the classic Wrapped stats plus a handful of new features.

Those new features include “2021: The Movie,” which pairs your top songs with classic movie scenes; “Your Audio Aura,” which creates a visual aura based on your top two music moods; “Playing Cards,” a data-based game with prompts such as “two truths and a lie,” based on your listening habits; and “2021 Wrapped Blend,” which allows Spotify users to compare their 2021 listening habits to their friends’ and create a blended playlist with them.

As always, listeners can download individual cards from the Spotify Wrapped 2021 slideshow and upload them to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and more. You can also save a playlist of your top 100 songs of 2021 to revisit at any time.

Click here to begin your Spotify Wrapped journey and relive your year in music. Happy listening!

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