Two of the most influential bands of the 90s will soon hit the road together. Soundgarden and Nine Inch Nails announced a co-headlining tour of North America for this summer.

The tour will begin on July 19 in Las Vegas. They will play 23 dates across the continent — there is one show booked for Toronto — over the course to the next five weeks before winding it up on Aug. 25 at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles.

Soundgarden and Nine Inch Nails have an uneasy history together. As Consequence of Sound notes, their career-defining albums — ‘Superunknown’ and ‘The Downward Spiral,’ respectively — were released on March 8, 1994.  But ’Superunknown’ kept ’Spiral’ out of the top spot, which angered NIN frontman Trent Reznor when they performed together in Canada later that year.

“We had a chip on our shoulder about Soundgarden,” Reznor said. “That became a kind of professional showdown. And we did show them.”

Reznor also took a couple of public shots at Soundgarden singer Chris Cornell for employing R&B and hip-hop producer Timbaland on his 2009 solo album 'Scream.' He later insisted his main target was Interscope -- the record label both artists were signed to at the time -- who Reznor said were also pressuring him to record with popular producers in order to get more radio airplay. "And that’s what Chris did," he explained at the time. "I think that when somebody who is respected like he is goes that route, it sends the message that it’s OK to give up any kind of core values you had to be the fashion of the moment. I don’t think that’s OK. I think it’s harmful."

Before the tour starts, their paths will cross at the incarnations of Lollapalooza in Chile, Argentina and Brazil, which will take place between late-March and early-April.

Nine Inch Nails/Soundgarden 2014 Co-Headlining Tour Dates 

7/19 – Las Vegas, Nev.
7/21 – Morrison, Col.
7/24 – Tinley Park, Ill.
7/26 – Clarkston, Mich.
7/27 – Toronto, Ont.
7/29 – Mansfield, Mass.
7/30 – Camden, N.J.
8/1 – Wantagh, N.Y.
8/2 – Holmdel, N.J.
8/4 – Bristow, Va.
8/5 – Virginia Beach, Va.
8/7 – Charlotte, N.C.
8/8 – Lakewood, Ga.
8/10 – West Palm Beach, Fla.
8/11 – Tampa, Fla.
8/14 – Austin, Texas
8/16 – Woodlands, Texas
8/17 – Dallas, Texas
8/19 – Albuquerque, N.M.
8/21 – Chula Vista, Calif.
8/22 – Irvine, Calif.
8/24 – Mountain View, Calif.
8/25 – Los Angeles, Calif.