Are the Smashing Pumpkins the next Led Zeppelin? Drummer Mike Byrne certainly wasn't suggesting his band -- fronted by Billy Corgan -- was anything comparable to the legendary classic rockers. But he did evoke the group's name in describing 'Oceania' during an interview with Music Radar.

"There's stuff that's programmed but any time you hear acoustic kit is all click-less," Byrne says referring to the use of a metronome. "I'll be honest there were moments I was banging my head against the wall but I think the overall feel of the album benefits from it. I enjoyed having a freedom and pocket on the record, it's got a Zep-vibe in that way."

Byrne mostly talks about his choices in drum equipment, but does tease fans with a notion of "furious drumming" early on the album, which is in stores on June 19. At this point it remains to be seen how much 'Oceania' compares to anything Led Zeppelin produced, but the drummer is certainly setting the bar high. This is the band's first album since 'Teargarden by Kaleidyscope' in 2009. Corgan is the only original member with the group.