During an interview with Piers Morgan on CNN's 'Piers Morgan Tonight,' one-time Guns N' Roses guitarist Slash recalled how he left things with Axl Rose. There was no spectacular breakup or loud, physical confrontation. Slash simply told Rose he was done and walked away. 

That was in 1996. "And it wasn't even me necessarily leaving the band, it was not continuing on with the new band that Axl put together that he was now at the helm of, which was the new Guns N' Roses," Slash says in the video below. "I was given a contract to basically join his new band, and it took about 24 hours before I decided, 'I think this is the end of the line.'"

Since then he's heard rumors of seven-figure offers to reunite with his former bandmates, but nothing has come of the offers. It sounds like nothing ever will. Slash once again slammed the door on any chance of a reunion, ever.

"I think you've got a situation where nobody involved wants to revisit. It's not just me -- it's the whole band. And so I don't think there's a price tag that anybody's put in front of us that's going to make that work."

Slash has been on a media tour promoting his new solo album "Apocalyptic Love," which is available now. It's his second solo album and features Myles Kennedy as vocalist on all 13 songs.

Watch Slash Talk About His Last Words With Axl Rose