Slash remains out on tour as a solo artist, albeit with the very capable Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators serving as his band, but the questions about Velvet Revolver's future still remain.

The guitar great spoke to the Aquarian, and revealed that their time spent last year with Ours vocalist and solo artist Jimmy Gnecco proved to be actually something in line with what they were looking for in a frontman.

Slash stated, "Jimmy Gnecco is an amazing singer and we really wanted to work with him. The unfortunate thing was that our schedules conflicted. Whenever we wanted to fly him out to work with us, he was already engaged in something else, but Jimmy was without a doubt the type of singer we were looking for! He was amazing!"

As for Velvet Revolver's current status, Slash admitted that he and Duff McKagan had just jammed together, but even with that studio reunion, the band remains on hiatus until they find the right vocalist to replace Scott Weiland.

Even though Slash is excited about his current material and the work he's done over the last two solo records, he does state that there are tracks sprinkled in from Guns N' Roses, Slash's Snakepit, and Velvet Revolver just to keep fans happy. He adds that with the sprinkling of the past favorites and the newer songs that audiences are coming to love, it keeps the set lists "dirty, sludgy, sweaty and heavy."

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