Don't expect to hear any complaining about Slash's Guns N' Roses reunion from his Conspirators bassist, Todd Kerns. In fact, Kerns sounds as excited about GNR's upcoming tour dates as any longtime fan.

Kerns talked about his reaction to the news during a recent visit to Eddie Trunk's podcast, laughing that the prospect of Slash hooking back up with Axl Rose had been "the elephant in the room" ever since he left Guns N' Roses in the early '90s. "His whole life he's had to answer the question, 'So when is this gonna happen?,'" said Kerns. "And I just think that a number of things kind of led to this, and it's kind of like, 'F--- it! I'm gonna do this.'"

Of note to GNR fans wondering whether Slash or bassist Duff McKagan will stick around after the group's current tour commitments are over, Kerns sounded unconcerned about the future of the Conspirators; he seemed to think the reunion might not even have much of an impact on the timetable for Slash's next solo album.

"We've always had a springtime plan to get into bass and drums recording. And we've already got an album-plus worth of music together," said Kerns, explaining that it's a Conspirators tradition for Slash to "do guitars on his own" after the basic tracks have been cut. "I think he's gonna go off and have this great experience and then we're gonna make this record. There's no reason to not make it or whatever other than scheduling getting really crazy, which, let's be honest, could happen ... and I'm perfectly okay with just sort of playing it out and see what happens."

More importantly, Kerns sees the reunion as something Slash and McKagan just had to do — and something that will fill a void in rock 'n' roll, however temporarily.

"[It's] bigger than all of us. This whole thing is history of rock occurring right under our noses, which is interesting for a guy from my perspective," said Kerns. "I think it's a really great thing for the entire planet, but for the individuals involved, guys like Duff, who I know and love to death too, I think this is an important part of a return for them."

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