Skylar Laine, a small town girl with big dreams, performed the Rod Stewart / Ronnie Wood penned Faces song 'Stay With Me' on 'American Idol' last night (Feb. 29), and her enthusiasm seemed to thrill the judges.

Her segment started with a brief pre-taped video feature showing the 18-year old singer helping out at her struggling family business and itching to break out into something bigger so she can help her parents. Then, we were whisked back to the big Vegas-y new 'Idol' stage to witness Laine, dressed up like a showgirl, strut around the stage with confidence, engaging the crowd with her country-girl twang and high-fives at every possible moment.

OK but you know with us and shows like this, there's always gonna be a downside, and here it is: The actual singing seemed to be about her third concern during the performance, and was flat and rushed as a result. (The first job was clearly and understandably, not falling off the stage as a result of those high-heeled shoes.) Of course, she hit those traditional 'Idol' high or held notes, but they seemed popped in for effect more than emotion.

Actually, in a revelation maybe everyone else has had already, we figured out the paradox that makes 'American Idol,' 'the Voice' and 'X Factor' difficult to enjoy for rock fans -- the singers are there to sell themselves, their personalities, not the songs. But it's the songs we like, and the vocal tricks and stage moves the singers admittedly must do to make themselves stand out are in most cases going to change the song in negative ways.

As usual, the judges disagreed with us. Randy Jackson, who can't possibly be an idiot based on all he's accomplished but sure as heck talks and especially dresses like one, offered another stunning insight: "You're like the rocking country girl! I love your energy I love your performance."

J. Lo said the song was now one of her favorites -- to which we say, and wasn't before, why, exactly? Even our beloved Steven Tyler seemed impressed, wrapping up the glowing judges' assessments with "oh, you were on fire, you're a pistol." For our own happiness, we're going to pretend he was being sarcastic.

Watch Skylar Laine Sing 'Stay With Me' by the Faces on 'American Idol'

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