Former Skid Row singer Johnny Solinger revealed that he's been diagnosed with liver failure.

"It is with a heavy heart I must let everyone know what’s going on with me and my health," the vocalist wrote on Facebook. "I have been hospitalized for over the last month. I have been diagnosed with liver failure. And prognosis is not so good. As with most musicians I do not have health insurance and it’s very difficult to get proper care without it."

The musician, a member of Skid Row from 1999 to 2015, added that he's on "at least seven different medications" and needs to have fluid drained from his abdomen "every couple of days." He continued, "I have lost a lot of strength and will require physical therapy as well."

"I appreciate and want you all to keep me in your thoughts and send me all the healing vibes you can, but I get exhausted easily so I will ask you to please not call or text unless absolutely necessary," the rocker continued. "But please, if you can help in this difficult time, I will wholeheartedly appreciate it."

In his message, Solinger noted that he was trying to organize "some sort of fundraiser" to offset mounting medical bills and future palliative care. That has since materialized in the form of a GoFundMe campaign, organized by the singer's friend, Brian Lawrence. The goal is to raise $100,000 to cover Solinger's medical expenses.

Before his exit from the band, Solinger appeared on two Skid Row albums and two EPs: 2003's Thickskin, 2006's Revolutions Per Minute, 2013's United World Rebellion: Chapter One and 2014's Rise of the Damnation Army — United World Rebellion.


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