Reality television show 'America's Got Talent' tends to bring some very unique performers out of the wood work. This week's episode was no exception.

In St. Louis, Mo., the judges of America's Got Talent (Howard Stern, Sharon Osbourne and Howie Mandel) were greeted by 45-year old Ozzy Osbourne impersonator Little Ozzy. At 4 feet, 8 inches tall, Little Ozzy is backed by a live band and bills himself as the "only little person fronted tribute band in the world."

During the interview segment leading up to his performance, Little Ozzy tells the camera that it has always been a goal of his to have Sharon see him perform. And at long last, Little Ozzy had his chance to make that happen.

It was particularly fun to see Sharon virtually speechless at the sight of a mini version of her husband on stage before her. As Little Ozzy begins his take on 'Mama I'm Coming Home', Sharon is heard commenting to Stern that Little Ozzy "is performing the song that Ozzy wrote for me," and proceeds to encourage Little Ozzy to continue performing despite calls from the audience otherwise.

Upon Little Ozzy finishing his performance Sharon says, "I have to tell you something. My husband is away from me right now. It made me miss him even more by you singing me that song.  I really thank you."

Although Little Ozzy failed to advance in the competition, Sharon, seemingly humbled by Little Ozzy's performance tells the performer "It's a 'no' for me [referring to Little Ozzy advancing in the competition] but I thank you so much. Thank you."

Though Sharon has a reputation as being a bit of a hard ass, the episode certainly showed a different, more compassionate side of Mrs. Ozzy Osbourne.

Watch Little Ozzy Sing on 'America's Got Talent'

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