The Occupy Wall Street movement got a little entertainment from the son of a Beatle earlier this week when Sean Lennon descended on the encampment with some friends to offer up an inspiring revolutionary ditty for the masses. What did the son of John Lennon, and his buddies perform: 'Power to the People?' Nope. 'Imagine?' Not exactly. Try Madonna's ode to unhindered capitalism, 'Material Girl.'

Lennon, his model girlfriend/bandmate Charlotte Kemp Muhl (that's the couple pictured above), singer Rufus Wainwright and others dropped by the New York park housing the Occupy Wall Street movement seemingly out of nowhere to play the Madonna classic for the collected protesters, who promptly joined in, turning the performance into one giant sing-a-long.

In fact, everyone ended up repeating the "Living in a material world" bridge over and over again, turning it into a sort of mantra. At the end, the band dedicated the performance to Chairman of the Federal Reserve, Ben Bernanke.

That's Sean's girlfriend Charlotte playing the accordion; she also plays bass, guitar and sings --  and is a fairly successful international model, having appeared in campaigns for Tommy Hilfiger, D&G and others. Maybe you remember her from when she starred as Steven Tyler’s love interest in Carlos Santana’s video for 'Just Feel Better.'

Together, Sean and Charlotte front a band called the Ghost of a Sabre Tooth Tiger.

Somehow we wrote all that and never touched on the irony of Sean Lennon -- an obvious 1 percenter -- swooping down to perform 'Material Girl' for the 99 percenters. We'll just leave it at that.

Sean Lennon and Some Friends Play Madonna's 'Material Girl' for Occupy Wall Street

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