Anthrax's Scott Ian understands why Gene Simmons said rock is dead -- but he doesn't agree, in a larger sense, with the premise.

Rock may be ailing, he says in the above video, but it's not time for an obituary just yet. "There's a lot right in what he's saying," Ian admits, but only in the sense that it's becoming more difficult to make it as a rocker. He goes on to frame the issue in a whole new way involving music consumers.

That said, Ian believes there's a smart prescription for moving forward in a new age. "Not everybody on the planet wants what the media force feeds them," he muses, laying out a pathway for rock's future.

As for how Anthrax has been able to weather these many commercial storms? Ian says they are part of a group of bands who work on a different model. Find out more in this fascinating new interview.

Watch Anthrax’s Scott Ian Play ‘Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction?’

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