Sammy Hagar and Rick Springfield discussed their plans for post-lockdown touring together, while Springfield revealed he’s recorded two albums during his enforced downtime.

The singers are partners in a rum business and shared the stage at Hagar’s COVID-restricted birthday bash last year. In a new interview with Forbes, they revealed what else they’ve been doing in recent times. “I've recorded two anonymous albums,” Springfield said.

“One with a band I put together with Gregg Bissonette and Matt Bissonette. It's very Beatle-driven, very pop, '60s British Invasion. And I did another … dark, dark album with a friend of mine in Australia … and then I'm writing my own stuff. So it's kind of nonstop really.”

Hagar noted he hasn't "been that prolific during COVID. I have a million ideas. But I'm having a hard time with lyrics, because I'm not a negative person and there's so many negative things. ... I’ve turned this time off into being able to deal with all of my different business ventures that sometimes get neglected. … I really focused and have got so much done. [But] I'm so happy to start touring again and tell all these people, ‘I don't have time for that today. I got a show tonight.’”

He added that he and Springfield have already started a creative collaboration. “Rick wrote a song and conned me into singing on it a little bit," Hagar reported. "And it's badass, ‘Party at the Beach Bar.’ It is so badass, I can see it being the theme of a tour for me or him or both of us. What we really want to do — our managers are good friends, we're good friends, our fans are friends, we have everything in common — I think we're trying to tour together. We'd love to go to Australia, tour America, at least throw some special party events in Vegas, Catalina.”

Hagar suggested that a handful of residency events were in the planning stage and outlined his idea for taking the show further: “Rick and I are on the same bill, or even if he just comes and sings some songs with my band or I sing songs with his band, whatever it is, we just throw this big party at the beach bar. Wherever we are, we may be in the middle of Iowa, but we're gonna bring the beach. We'll put an environment backstage for you and, of course, sell the booze and the drinks in the venue.”

Noting that the concept “seems so natural” to both of them, Springfield said, “We can play and celebrate and do a real promotion of a great rum. But it's an organic thing. It's not like, ‘Sponsored by.’ It's something we're involved in that we believe in.” Hagar added: “And we own it.”


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