To the rest of the world, Chickenfoot are a supergroup. To principal members Sammy Hagar and Joe Satriani, it's a fun, spare time project that just so happens to be incredibly successful, and Hagar hopes to reach new heights next week by having the band's new album 'III' top the Billboard album charts.

"We aren't a supergroup to each other," Hagar told USA Today. "It's like we have day jobs, and this is just us in a garage with spare time." Just in a garage? With spare time? Can you imagine what a force of rock 'n roll Chickenfoot would be if they were doing this full time without those "pesky" day jobs?

With 'Chickenfoot III' having dropped yesterday, Hagar and co. have designs on debuting at No. 1 on the Billboard Top 200 next week in hopes of besting their self-titled debut, which bowed at No. 4 and eventually went gold. "Shooting for No. 1 really motivates me; there's a validation to it," said Hagar. "I want us to be a big-time band."

Indeed, Hagar spent much of last night's live concert webcast and Q&A discussing that very goal, telling bassist Michael Anthony, "It's the power of positive thinking. Hey, it worked for the book!" (He's referring to his recent chart-topping autobiography 'Red.')

Satriani concurred that the band isn't looking to capitalize on the past. "We are not a legacy band from the '70s doing their old songs," he said. "We're not trying to get rich and famous. We got that. We're here to make new, fresh music that stems from shared roots." There's no better authentic reason to make music! Since there is less at stake, the band is freer to do whatever it wants at this stage in the collective member's career.

Satriani also said that he's gotten a personal boost from Hagar's lyrical prowess, mentioning songs like 'Three and a Half Letters,' which was inspired by a letters unemployed fans have written to Hagar, asking him for work, as well as 'Come Closer,' which examines a relationship between husband and wife. "Collaboration is where it's at," the guitarist said. "I didn't have high hopes when I joined the band. But now I'm not going to let go of this."