No one likes spending long hours on the tour bus, but it still beats walking to the gig — just ask Joakim Brodén, singer for Swedish metal band Sabaton.

As Brodén explains in this video clip, he had a little too much to drink one night and ended up making a bet with his bandmates that had the loser making it to their next show on foot — more than 300 miles away.

"Today is a really s---ty day," says Brodén in the above clip. "I got drunk as hell at a party last night. I got a hangover and we did some stupid stuff ... I did a bet with my bandmates that I would walk or run to our next show." Explaining that the gig is at the Trondheim Metal Fest in early October, he continues, "Sadly, I have a long way to walk then ... it's a long f---ing way to Trondheim."

To Brodén's extreme credit, he isn't trying to shirk his duty; as he explained in a separate interview, he's really making a go of it. "It started out almost as a joke, but it evolved to be quite serious," he said. "I have made contact with some fans via Facebook, who have provided me with food and shelter. ... The first day was the hardest. That's when I walked for ten hours without proper shoes. It wasn't exactly ideal."

With new shoes and a more reasonable walking schedule that puts him on the road "between four and eight hours a day," Brodén's well on his way — and still looking for a little extra fan support. "If you see a homeless Swede walking along [the highway], it would be great if you could offer me a beer," he suggests. "Or, I don't know, maybe some food too? ... F---, man, this sucks."

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