The newest commercial for Walmart focuses on a company effort to create manufacturing jobs in America. So, what better song to use as a soundtrack than one of Rush's earliest signature songs?

'Working Man,' a song Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson composed for Rush's self-titled 1974 debut, has long been an anthem for those who make a living with their hands -- and has previously found its way onto similarly themed episodes of television programs like 'My Name is Earl' and 'That 70s Show,' along with the 2011 movie 'Goon' and the Rock Band video game.

The one place you couldn't hear 'Working Man' for years, actually, was at a Rush concert. The track originally featured co-founder John Rutsey, but was retired after he was replaced by Neil Peart. Rush finally resurrected the song for the 2002 tour in support of 'Vapor Trails,' and has consistently played it since.

In the new spot, Walmart pledges to invest $250 million over the next 10 years toward this new jobs initiative. So presumably there will be a lot more working men and women when all is said and done.

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