A half-hour, two-part suite from Rush moves forward to face Creedence Clearwater Revival's tale of UFO hysteria in the next round of our Rock Star Wars tournament.

To try and fill our days between now and the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie, we’ve tracked down 32 space-themed classic rock songs and paired them off against each other in a series of intergalactic battles. The field will be halved every week based on your votes, until only the spaciest song in rock history is left.

To get here, Rush's "Cygnus X-1" – which originally appeared in segments over both 1977's A Farewell to Kings and 1978's Hemispheres – zoomed past Def Leppard's "Rocket," garnering a whopping 75.6 percent of the vote. "It Came Out of the Sky," a choice deep cut from Creedence Clearwater Revival's 1969 classic Willy and the Poor Boys, topped ZZ Top's "Planet Women" with a score of 58.98 to 41.02 percent.

So which of these songs will emerge victorious from this round? It’s your choice. You can listen to both tracks below, and vote once per hour in each of the this round’s Rock Star Wars battles until polls close on Nov. 30 at 11:59PM ET. Your choice for our Rock Star Wars champion will be revealed on Dec. 22, 2015.

Listen to Rush Perform 'Cygnus X-1'

Listen to Creedence Clearwater Revival Perform 'It Came Out of the Sky'


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