Rush performed the first show of their 2012 tour in support of their new album 'Clockwork Angels' in Manchester, N.H. last night (Sept. 7). The group went deep into the night with two sets of music and an encore for those in attendance.

The first set kicked off with the classic 'Subdivisions' and was primarily focused on past glories with tracks like 'The Big Money,' 'The Analog Kid,' 'The Body Electric,' 'Territories,' and 'Force Ten' getting their place in the setlist before the group finished out their opening stanza with 'Far Cry' from the 'Snakes & Arrows' album.

But where the first set leaned heavily on the past, the second half of their show was a showcase for the 'Clockwork Angels' album. After kicking off with the album's opener, 'Caravan,' the latter portion of their night featured nearly almost every song on the album. 'Clockwork Angels,' 'The Anarchist,' 'Carnies,' 'The Wreckers,' 'Headlong Flight,' 'Halo Effect,' 'Wish Them Well,' and 'The Garden' all received play before the band finished out the second portion with 'Red Sector A,' 'YYZ,' and 'Working Man.'

The group would return for an encore that included the longtime standouts 'Tom Sawyer' and 'The Spirit of Radio.'

Rush's Sept. 7 Manchester, N.H. Setlist:

Set One:
'The Big Money'
'Force Ten'
Grand Designs'
'The Body Electric'
'The Analog Kid'
'Where's My Thing?' (with Neil Peart drum solo)
'Far Cry'

Set Two:
'Clockwork Angels'
'The Anarchist'
'The Wreckers'
'Headlong Flight'
Alex Lifeson solo
'Halo Effect'
'Wish Them Well'
'The Garden'
'Manhattan Project'
Neil Peart drum solo
'Red Sector A'
'Working Man'

'Tom Sawyer'
'The Spirit of Radio'

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