Ronnie Wood has revealed another historical rock jewel during his show on Absolute Radio U.K. The Rolling Stones guitarist says he could have been a part of Led Zeppelin.

"Peter Grant, who used to manage myself and Jeff Beck and Rod Stewart and Mickey Waller and Nicky Hopkins back in the good old days," Wood said, according to the Belfast Telegraph, "he was behind a band that was going to be called The New Yard Birds, which I had an offer to join."

"And I said, 'I can't join that bunch of farmers.' Anyway, they turned out to be Led Zeppelin, he managed them as well."

Jimmy Page was part of the transition from the Yard Birds to the band that would eventually be called Led Zeppelin, so if Wood had taken Grant up on his offer, he'd have been the band's second guitarist. The Rolling Stones were already humming along at that time, and Wood didn't join that legendary rock band until 1975, about seven years after this offer.

Last month Wood revealed he was partying with Jimi Hendrix the night of his death. In fact the two were roommates before each became know as one of the best rock guitarists of all time.

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