As previously reported, a second volume of classic material from the late, great Ronnie James Dio is due out this fall. Now we have a complete track listing. The collection, titled 'The Very Beast of Dio Vol. 2,′ will include several rare tracks, including some previously only available in other countries.

The cover art has also been revealed. Marc Sasso, the man behind the artwork on some other Dio albums, does the job here as well, and the CD booklet contains several never-before-used photos.

The compilation has a planned release date of Oct. 9, and according to the official Dio Facebook page, there will be some different pre-orders with special collectors items included in a package that will only be available in the Dio Store. The first volume of 'The Very Beast of Dio,' which was released last year, has sold over 800,000 in the US alone.

'The Very Beast of Dio, Vol. 2' Track Listing:

1. 'Killing the Dragon'
2. 'Push'
3. 'The Eyes'
4. 'Along Comes a Spider'
5. 'Better in the Dark'
6. 'Fever Dreams'
7. 'Black'
8. 'Feed My Head'
9. 'Shivers'
10. 'Hunter of the Heart" (from 'Inferno: Last In Live')
11. 'One More for the Road'
12. 'Lord of the Last Day'
13. 'Electra' (Rare Bonus Track from 'Magica II')
14. 'As Long As It's Not About Love'
15. 'This Is Your Life'
16. 'Metal Will Never Die' (bonus track from 'Bitten by the Beast')
17. 'Prisoner of Paradise' (bonus track from Japanese Version of 'Master of the Moon')

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