In addition to Keith Moon, the Rolling Stones are another high-profile act forced to turn down a chance to play the 2012 Olympics in London. The games begin next weekend, with ceremonies to include Paul McCartney and Blur. Mick Jagger says his band wasn't stage ready.

"We haven't played in a long time and we weren't really stage-ready," Jagger tells ITN, "and it's a very big gig and it's very risk-taking. I didn't think the band themselves felt they were really ready to do it at this point."

However Jagger indicates they band will be stage ready soon. As previoulsy reported, the Stones have been rehearsing, news Keith Richards talked about earlier this week. Jagger says the Rolling Stones hope to play in 2012.

"We haven't actually finalized them, but we hope we're going to do some gigs. We've done rehearsing, hanging out together and all that discussing so you know we've been seeing each other quite a lot."

July 12 was the 50th anniversary of the Rolling Stones first gig. ITN reports the group earned 30 pounds to split amongst them during early tours. Their last tour earned them over 360M pounds. In total, the legends have played over 2,000 dates in 50 years.

Watch Mick Jagger Discuss the Future of the Rolling Stones

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