When all four members of the Rolling Stones are photographed exiting a building in London, it fuels rumors and supports speculation. Rumor is the secret society -- er -- band met to plan a world tour to celebrate their momentous 50th anniversary. The Stones will mark 50 years of rocking our world in 2012. That's five decades! A half a century. Considering that so many rock bands don't get to five years, much less 10 or 20.

With frontman Mick Jagger turning his attention to his SuperHeavy project (see our review of their newly released second single 'I Can't Take It No More'), we're not expecting the Stones to divulge what was discussed at the meeting and how it affects the fans any time in the near future.

The band has been off the road for several years and has not played together since 2007, when it wrapped the Bigger Bang tour in August of that year. It feels like an eternity, doesn't it?

Back in the spring, Jagger even told Rolling Stone that he wasn't going to reveal plans for any sort of Stones tour, instead saying, "I don't have any announcement to make at the moment," he said. "I'm just, uh, ya know…just doing this [SuperHeavy] right now." That's what we call a tactful dodging of the question and changing of the subject.

In the rumor inciting photographic evidence of Jagger exiting that building, he is clutching something wrapped in a purple towel. What could it be? A copy of Keith Richards' book 'Life?' A tour itinerary? A marketing plan on how to celebrate 50 years of rock 'n' roll? Kittens? It's anyone's guess!

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