Even while we await word on an expanded U.S. tour, the Rolling Stones have confirmed a date in their native UK -- as headliners at the Glastonbury Festival on June 29.

Stones frontman Mick Jagger tweeted this earlier today: "Can’t wait to play Glastonbury. I have my wellies and my yurt!" A little research (by the editor not the author, ahem..) reveals that "Wellies" are big rubber Wellington Boots -- handy for getting through the mud -- while a Yurt is basically a tent. More specifically, "a modern adaptation of the ancient shelter used by Central Asian nomads for centuries."

Hold on to your wellies, though. (Not to mention your yurt.) The festival is already sold out, so that's still no relief to anyone who missed the Rolling Stones' five 50th anniversary shows late last year in London, Newark and Brooklyn.

Rumors abound that the Stones will make a few more U.S. arena stops in the first half of this year, though sources say it could be "fewer than 20 dates." They are expected to again make multi-night stands in individual cities, after playing two shows a piece in London and Newark.

Even playing that very limited string of dates, Jagger and Co. topped Billboard magazine's first Hot Tours list of 2013, raking in a quick $38 million or so.

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