The Rolling Stones took a "less is more" approach to celebrating their 50th anniversary, with two new songs and a handful of live shows -- and it looks like they'll be keeping a relatively low profile in 2013, too.

Billboard reports that the band will be visiting North American arenas during the first half of the year, but don't get too excited -- sources say the Stones will be scheduling "fewer than 20 dates" for this leg of the tour. The report's use of dates as opposed to cities is telling -- given that we can presumably expect multiple shows in major markets like New York and Los Angeles, your chances of actually seeing the band on this tour would seem to be fairly slim.

Hardcore fans shouldn't despair, however; once they get going, Stones tours have a tendency to keep rolling on for quite awhile, and given that sources from the band and its promoters declined to comment for the Billboard article, this is all just hearsay at the moment anyway. In the meantime, we can all break out our 'Some Girls: Live in Texas '78' Blu-rays and pass the time in style while we wait for official word.

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