The Rolling Stones have officially opened an online archive of photos, video and unreleased music, and their first offering is amongst the most coveted pieces of Stones memorabilia not really available. 'The Brussels Affair' is now officially for sale at

Rolling Stones diehards may have some version of this album, which has also gone by names like 'Europe 73' on the bootleg market. The newly opened archive reports those versions often included tracks from other dates on the 1973 tour, not just songs from the legendary show in Brussels. This version is taken "from the original multi-track masters recorded by Andy Johns on the Rolling Stones Mobile Studio."

Fans of the band who weren't alive or able to see or hear Keith Richards and Mick Taylor bounce guitar licks off of each other get to do so plenty on this album. There are 15 songs, including an 11 minute long version of 'You Can't Always Get What You Want' and an almost 13 minute long version of 'Midnight Rambler.' One can hear samples of each of the songs at the Stones Archive store.

At a time when other bands are gouging fans on re-releases of classic music, the $4.99 price tag is a pleasant surprise. The Rolling Stones Archive shows plenty of promise; more rare merchandise, never-before-seen films and unheard music are expected in coming months.

Watch the Rolling Stones Talk About 'The Brussels Affair'

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