Life on the road can get painfully complicated for rockers of a certain age, and Roger Daltrey has the doctor bills to prove it.

The Who singer discussed his experiences on the band's ongoing 50th anniversary tour during a recent interview with the Daily Express, pointing out that while he "won't stop singing" after they play the tour's final date, he knows this is the last time they'll do this many shows in a row.

"This is a circus. We’re 70 years old. We don’t know how long it will go on for — it could be another 18 months — but that will be it. I’ve got to the point where I’m having physical problems with my body now, joints going and all that," explained Daltrey. "I had to see a Dutch bone mason the other day. He came with a hammer and chisel to hammer my bloody shoulder back into place."

Even for a guy in good physical condition, the grind of that type of travel can be difficult to absorb. "I’m really fit but I’ve had so many car crashes and accidents and falls over the years," he added. "They all take their toll. Everything from the past catches up."

Daltrey continued to insist, however, that fans will have more opportunities to see him onstage with fellow Who survivor Pete Townshend. "We’ll do shows but we don’t want to do this schlepping round every other day 400 miles to another arena. I want to sit down in the theater for a couple of weeks and do storytelling and different kinds of music," he laughed. "Who wants to see two old farts jumping around on the dance floor like dads at a bar mitzvah?"

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