The two greatest “business up front, party in the back” hairdos in rock ‘n’ roll history were all that remained as we got down to the title round in March Mullet Madness last week. But Rod Stewart made it look easy, besting David Bowie by a comfortable margin of 63 to 37 percent.

Stewart's tousled 'do had already led him through a who's who of rock royalty, including Rush frontman Geddy Lee, U2's Bono and Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott.

It likely comes as no surprise to the former Faces singer, as he's always happily shared the spotlight with his hair. Stewart even devoted an entire chapter in Rod, his autobiography, to that legendary coif. As a kid in suburban London, Stewart remembered in 2012, he'd go to whatever lengths were needed to achieve the desired look. Since "a hairdryer was considered absolute luxury," he'd race to his sister's house – "about 50 yards away" – to use one, but only after applying a specially designed mixture of "warm water and sugar on my hair."

As such, Bowie probably didn't stand a chance, despite having already topped longtime Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony, Led Zeppelin legend Robert Plant and Metallica frontman James Hetfield in previous rounds.

So Stewart becomes mullet royalty, a place not that different from the official royalty in his home country. "The Queen and I have one thing in common," Stewart quipped in 2013. "The same hairstyle for 45 years."


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