You've got to give Rod Stewart this much: He keeps his sense of humor when faced with a lawsuit.

He's currently being sued by a fan who says Stewart's habit of kicking autographed soccer balls into the audience left him with a broken nose after an October 2012 performance at Caesars Palace. The plaintiff, 53-year-old California resident Mostafa Kashe, is seeking "unspecified damages of at least $10,000 plus attorney fees"; according to the suit, he believes Stewart "either knew or should have known that his actions could cause injury to unsuspecting patrons of his concerts."

Contacted for comment by TMZ, Stewart didn't seem terribly concerned by his legal woes, nonchalantly shrugging, "Yeah, well, it's a contact sport."

If that seems excessively flippant, consider that this isn't the first time Stewart's soccer habit has gotten him sued. In 1997, a fan took him to court for $75,000, claiming she was pelted and accusing him of "negligence and battery" -- and her husband joined in, seeking damages for "loss of companionship."

In fact, it's a subject that's come up repeatedly over the years, to the extent that some venues display warning signs before Stewart's shows. He's given no indication that he ever intends to stop, however; as he's been quoted as saying, "The show wouldn’t be the show if I stopped kicking out those footballs."

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