Rod Stewart toured with Stevie Nicks last year, he'll hit the road with Steve Winwood later this fall and he's daydreaming about a series of dates with Elton John. But don't hold your breath for any shows with Stewart's old partner Jeff Beck.

Stewart raised the subject during a recent interview with Billboard, acknowledging that this year marks the 45th anniversary of 'Truth,' the first of his two albums with the Jeff Beck Group. Saying he has "a brainwave" for a tour that would unite that band and another of Stewart's past bands, the Faces, the singer quickly dashed hopes that it would ever happen.

"Two of us [Stewart and Ronnie Wood] are in both bands, so we could do half the show with the Faces, half with Jeff Beck," he mused. "Whether Jeff would want to do it, there's two chances -- slim and none. When Jeff's angry at you, he stays angry for a long time."

Stewart and Beck have worked together in the years since the initial Beck Group lineup dissolved, but as it turns out, their latest disagreement happened much more recently. As Stewart tells it, Beck is upset because plans for the two of them to work together fell through during the years leading up to Stewart's most recent album, 'Time.' "We were going to do a blues album, a modern sort of 'Beck-Ola,' maybe, but we couldn't agree on a great many things," said Stewart. "I sent him a Christmas card, or e-mailed him a Christmas card, the year before last and never heard anything back."

As for the Faces -- who have discussed reuniting with Stewart repeatedly over the years, to little avail, and recently took to performing dates with Mick Hucknall of Simply Red -- there might still be a glimmer of hope. "I think there's more a chance of the Faces doing something," Stewart teased, but added that guitarist Wood's commitment to the Rolling Stones is holding them back for now.

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