Dating a coworker is hard; dating a bandmate might be harder.

In some ways, finding romance with a bandmate makes a lot of sense. Musicians spend months of the year on the road, leaving behind family, friends and significant others. The situation hardly seems conducive to a healthy relationship. Yet, if you’re dating someone in the band, touring suddenly becomes more tolerable since they’re with you for the journey.

Now, the flip side of that coin is the person you’re dating is with you all the time. There are no days off. Save for a couple of moments here and there, your significant other is with you from the moment you get up until the moment you fall asleep. And when you two get in a fight – as every couple does – there’s virtually no time to decompress before getting back on the bus together and heading to the next city.

Despite these pitfalls, many bandmates have enjoyed long relationships which, in some cases, have resulted in marriage. Pat Benatar and Neil Giraldo have made a bandmate marriage work, as have members of Talking Heads and New Order. Bruce Springsteen famously wed E Street Band singer Patti Scialfa in 1991, and the two remained happily married for decades.

Still, in many other cases, inner-band romances have flamed out. Fleetwood Mac is one group famous for tumultuous affairs while Smashing Pumpkins, the Velvet Underground and the Mamas and the Papas are just some of the other groups who had to survive relationship drama.

Below, we’ve assembled a list of 25 rockers who dated their bandmates.

Rockers Who Dated Their Bandmates

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