It's looks as though Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg started something big at Coachella this year with the debut of the Tupac Shakur hologram that was part of their set. Now numerous music and entertainment icons may get a chance to live on after death thanks to the hologram technology.

Billboard reports that the estates of Elvis Presley, Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, and Marilyn Monroe are all considering the possibilities of resurrecting the legendary performers and the revenue it could bring.

Digital Domain Media, the company behind the Tupac hologram, recently inked a deal with Core Media Group to jointly create a virtual Elvis for future entertainment projects. Digital Domain CEO John Textor revealed that the Elvis project will cost millions and is still in the early stages of creation. Digital Domain's chief creative officer Ed Ulbrich added, "This is not re-purposing old footage that the world has already seen. We're making totally original and exclusive performances so that fans can have new experiences."

Jeff Jampol, who manages the Doors and Morrison estates as well as those of late legends Otis Redding, Janis Joplin, Peter Tosh, and Rick James, says he hopes to eventually create a multimedia experience featuring the band and would love to have the technology advance to the point where the holograms could walk around on a stage. He adds that he's been exploring the idea for about eight years.

Janie Hendrix, who runs her late brother Jimi's estate, reveals that she's been working for the past year to create a virtual version of the guitar great. She adds that authenticity of the performance is the primary goal and there are no absolutes as of yet.

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