It's long been said that 50% of all marriages end in divorce – though that number is overstated. Either way, the stat is likely higher in the world of rock stars.

Successful musicians can make it work. In fact, we’ve previously highlighted some of the many rock star marriages that stood the test of time. Still, there are many factors that make them unlikely partners for wedded bliss.

For starters, temptation is everywhere. The lure of groupies and the chance to have sex with (seemingly) no strings attached is a difficult siren song to ignore. Even without succumbing to such desires, life on the road can destroy a relationship. If the non-rocker is stays at home, they’re left wondering what kind of trouble their partner is getting up to without them. If the non-rocker comes on tour, they’re suddenly with their partner 24/7 – which in itself can prove disastrous.

Abuse, sadly, is another common grounds for divorce. Drug and alcohol use have also irreparably harmed many relationships.

Of course, divorces aren't always caused by something as serious as cheating or abuse. Sometimes, it’s as simple as being with the wrong person. Many married early in their lives, before fame brought them to the world’s spotlight. Success changes a person, people grow apart, and suddenly the person you loved in your 20s is no longer the person you want to wake up next to in your 40s.

While some divorces are civil, there are many more which turn ugly. That’s enhanced even more when lawyers, publicity and millions of dollars factor into things. Below, we’ve highlighted 18 rock stars who, for many various reasons, endured messy divorces.

Messy Rock Star Divorces

For starters, temptation is everywhere. 

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