In the '70s and early '80s, nothing said "bitchin' rock 'n' roll" quite like a spaceship on your record cover — and in this installment of Clash of the Titans, we're making you pick between three of the most iconic craft ever to soar through the album artwork galaxy.

In one corner, we have the Journey scarab, which underwent a transformation process between 1980's Departure and 1981's Escape — and has reappeared periodically throughout the years, albeit mostly without the star-speeding capabilities it exhibited on the Escape cover. Unlike the other combatants in this Clash, the scarab doesn't always look like a spaceship, but perhaps that versatility counts in its favor.

Also competing for your vote is the Boston guitar logo, which has been a mainstay of the band's artwork for nearly 40 years. Starting with their multi-platinum self-titled debut and continuing through their most recent effort, 2013's Life, Love & Hope, this spaceship has been through one long, strange — and very successful — trip.

Before either the scarab or the guitar get your vote, however, they'll have to get past the Electric Light Orchestra's Frisbee jukebox space vessel, first seen taking to the skies on the cover of 1977's Out of the Blue. This craft has the advantage of actually showing up on stage during the band's infamously expensive 1978 tour, and has resurfaced now and again in the ensuing years (including on 2000's Flashback box and again the following year, on Zoom).

So which rock 'n' roll spaceship gets your vote? Check out songs from all three bands below, and remember: You can return to the polls once every hour. This Clash of the Titans will stay open until Oct. 4, 2015, at 11:59PM ET.

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