As odd as it sounds at first, maybe this was bound to happen. After all, Robert Plant has been saying he wanted to work with Jack White. White, in turn, has been referencing "The Lemon Song" by Led Zeppelin's as part of recent setlists.

Those worlds finally collided when both ended up appearing in South America this month. That gave Plant a chance to joined White for – you guessed it – "The Lemon Song" during White's performance on Saturday (March 21) at Lollapalooza Argentina.

White starts the track's grinding, ever-familiar opening before waving on Plant, to huge applause. Plant then takes up the mic, reprising a standout moment from Led Zeppelin II. Toward the end, at roughly three minutes in, White briefly duets with Plant, bringing new life to a song that grew out of age-old influences like Howlin' Wolf's "Killing Floor" and Robert Johnson's "Travelling Riverside Blues."

Plant was taking part in a Facebook chat with fans on Sept. 9 when he first mentioned the desire to collaborate with White. "I love Jack White's buccaneer spirit, and the way he dodges through the musical horizons," Plant said. "I'd be happy to make a single with him." Plant even had a song in mind, "Love Me" by the Phantom.

It took a while, but they finally shared the stage. And, if you dig the above video, there could be more to come. Both Plant and White are set to appear separately next weekend at Lollapolooza Brasil. Perhaps they can still do "Love Me," after all.

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