In addition to promoting his new solo album, cleverly titled ‘Ringo 2012,’ former Beatles drummer Ringo Starr is lending his support to a worthy cause - the endangered rhinoceros species. Starr recently modified his official website, replacing the picture of his cat with a rhino image.

“I’ve always loved rhinos. They were close to my and Keith Moon’s hearts. In fact, I had two huge ones made and gave one to Keith. Mine is still here out on the grass here in England.”

Starr is aligned with the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, one of several organizations working to help preserve the rhino. Established in 1977 in Kenya, they have hands-on practical experience and extensive knowledge of the black rhino. (which would make an awesome band name, we add for no real reason...)

The trust has pioneered a hand-rearing approach for the rehabilitation of rescued orphan rhinos. Their approach to protect and preserve the black rhino, as well as the similarly endangered elephant, has been emulated elsewhere in Africa. Of the five species, three are identified by the IUCN Red List as being critically endangered.

Ringo recently announced plans for a movie musical that he’s working on with Eurythmics member and record producer Dave Stewart. Might there be room for a rhino cameo?

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