There's always a spring to 71-year-old Ringo Starr's step when he hits the concert stage, and the reason why is not something the former Beatles drummer acknowledges with pride.

It turns out that Starr, even with 50-plus years of concert performances under his belt, still suffers from stage fright. But Starr's regular case of preshow jitters involves much more than just trotting out to his designated spot.

"I have actually puked before I went on as all my nerves come to the fore," Starr recently told Billboard magazine. "It is part of what I am, and it happens before every show. There have been times that I just wanted to go back to bed as I just get so nervous."

Starr says he continues to look forward to the day "when I am going to feel like Frank Sinatra" and make a confident, more measured stage entrance. "I haven't made it yet — I always run," Starr admits. "I would love to coolly stroll onstage, but I cannot."

That's OK, Ringo — you're still plenty cool in our book. And the name-brand musicians who will support you on the 2012 edition of your All Starr Band tour (which begins June 14 in Canada) surely think the same.

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