Ringo Starr voted with the majority of England that wanted to leave the European Union, saying the multi-country partnership hadn't lived up to its initial promise.

“I voted for Brexit because I thought the European Union was a great idea, but I didn’t see it going anywhere lately,” Starr recently told Bloomberg Businessweek. “It’s in shambles, and we’re all stuck with people who want to make arrangements for their own country and don’t think for the other countries. Britain should be out and get back on its own feet.”

Starr's ballot was in direct contrast with former Beatles bandmate Paul McCartney, who said he would have voted to stay in the EU had he not been out on tour during the historic referendum. “I think I would have come down on the remain side," McCartney told the Washington Post. "Because people like the Governor of the Bank of England, a lot of financial experts, were saying that.”

Starr just completed another round of dates with his longest-tenured All-Starr Band lineup. The group, which includes Todd Rundgren, Gregg Rolie and Steve Lukather, also contributed to his latest solo album, 2015's Postcards From Paradise.

Meanwhile, with the Brexit decided upon, Starr noted the future of the EU remains very much in question. “And now Scotland wants to leave and Wales wants to leave,” he added. “Then it will be Devon. God knows where it will end.”

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