Rick Allen, drummer for Def Leppard, was reportedly assaulted outside of his Fort Lauderdale hotel on Monday night (March 13).

Def Leppard had performed the previous evening at Hard Rock Live in nearby Hollywood, Fla., part of their ongoing tour with Motley Crue. According to 7 News Miami, the incident took place in the front driveway area of the Four Seasons hotel, when Allen stepped outside to have a cigarette.

A police report obtained by 7 News details what allegedly happened next. Max Edward Hartley, a 19 year-old from Ohio, ran full speed towards Allen and struck the drummer, “knocking him backwards.” The report further states that “as a result of (Hartley’s) actions, (Allen) hits his head on the ground causing injury.”

At this point, a woman ran out from the hotel to help Allen. She too was allegedly struck by Hartley and knocked to the ground. The woman then tried to go back into the hotel, only to be pulled back outside by her hair. Hartley then reportedly fled the area, and was later arrested while vandalizing cars in a nearby parking garage.

Hartley has been charged with two counts of battery, four counts of criminal mischief and abusing an elderly or disabled adult.

Allen, who lost his left arm in a car accident in 1984, provided a sworn statement to police indicating that he intends to prosecute. At this point, neither the drummer nor Def Leppard have issued a public statement regarding the incident.

Meanwhile, Def Leppard and Motley Crue will head overseas to continue their tour. Their next performance is scheduled for May 22 in Sheffield, England.

This is a developing story and will be updated as further information becomes available.


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