Richie Sambora's first full-length effort since leaving Bon Jovi is coming together in the studio with Australian guitarist Orianthi.

"Just got back into the studio. Gonna be an all nighter," Sambora posted the evening of Jan. 31, sharing a series of photos that you can see here, here and here.

Sambora let the photos speak for themselves with those updates, neglecting to add any further details, but he shared a few details during a recent interview with us, saying of his partnership with Orianthi, "Honestly, I’ve never run into this in my life. Never. We were just good right off the bat. That was it."

Predicting that with their two-guitar approach, the duo will "be able to cover a lot of ground genre-wise, because we can take it from two acoustic guitars to the heaviest sh-- you’ve ever heard," Sambora boasted that they were sitting on a huge stockpile of songs but weren't ready to think about a release date yet.

"When it’s done it will be out," he assured UCR. "We’ve got the material -- I’ve checked -- I have people that tell me the truth and they don’t bullsh-- me, my friends that are great producers. We hit a nerve about probably 20 songs in that we knew we were onto something."

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