So this is what you get when you cross Alice Cooper with a unicorn: Richard Simmons in corpse paint.

The legendary weight loss guru decked himself out in heavy metal makeup and workout gear before leading a recent class at his Slimmons Studio in Beverly Hills, and commemorated the occasion with the brief video clip embedded here, which he posted to Facebook along with the battle cry "Sweat hugs and rock 'n' roll!"

It may seem shocking if you're only familiar with Simmons' old TV show, records, or 'Sweatin' to the Oldies' video series, but judging from Simmons' Twitter feed, his fabulous metal getup is just the latest in an occasionally bizarre series of attention-getting disguises that includes a blonde wig and glasses, an evening gown, a toupee worn in honor of L.A. icon Angelyne, a bedazzled leprechaun outfit, a triangle visor, a legitimately disturbing Easter bunny costume, and what appears to be some sort of self-tanning experiment that, as one of his followers put it, left him "starting to look like one of the Golden Girls."

Sure, it's all a little silly. But Simmons doesn't look any goofier in this face paint than any of the serious musicians who slap it on -- and when you've been trying to help people get healthy for a few decades, you've earned the right to wear whatever you want. Rock on, Richard.