Citing what they referred to as "a bit of a motorcycle accident," the Dead Daisies have announced that guitarist Richard Fortus will miss the band's upcoming Australian tour.

Fortus, who pulls double duty as a guitarist for Guns N' Roses, revealed the extent of his injuries in a separate post, explaining that the accident took place a couple of weeks ago and left him with a laundry list of physical ailments: "I broke my shoulder blade, collarbone, six ribs, a toe, I have a bruised lung, lacerated liver and a concussion."

Fortunately, Fortus says he's already been on the mend and assures fans doctors have told him he'll be ready to rock again by the time the Daisies embark on this year's Kiss Kruise at the end of the month. "Amazingly, my doctors have assured me that I will make a full recovery," he wrote. "I have never missed a show in my entire career and unfortunately, I will have to miss the entire Australian and New Zealand leg of this tour. I am devastated that I will not be able to play for the Australian and New Zealand fans, who have been so supportive and loyal."

During the Dead Daisies' Australian dates, which will also see them serving as a supporting act for Kiss, Fortus' spot will be filled by guitarist Richard Leslie, who paid his respects in the band's statement announcing the temporary switch. "Richard Fortus is an amazing guitar player and I’m really thrilled to be asked to cover for him," enthused Leslie. "I am going to have to pack an extra bag of socks, because his are extremely big shoes to fill!"

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