The Replacements are releasing a box set devoted to their 1987 album Pleased to Meet Me.

In addition to a remastered version of the original album, the three-CD/one-LP collection features 29 previously unreleased tracks, including 15 demos the band recorded at Minneapolis' Blackberry Way Studios. Seven of those tracks turned out to be their last sessions with founding guitarist Bob Stinson. The band ended up recording the album as a trio at Ardent Studios in Memphis.

The Deluxe Edition of the set, which arrives on Oct. 9, will also include 13 rough mixes, a remix of "Can't Hardly Wait" by Jimmy Iovine, B-sides, outtakes and alternate versions. Some of the outtakes were previously released on 1997's All for Nothing/Nothing for All compilation and as bonus tracks on a 2008 reissue.

You can watch a trailer for the album and see the track listing below.

As with last year's Don't Tell a Soul box set, Pleased to Meet Me: Deluxe Edition was co-produced by Bob Mehr, who wrote the acclaimed biography Trouble Boys: The True Story of the Replacements, and features a newly penned essay about the era. The set features a 12x12 book that includes rare photos of the band.

You can hear six of the rough mixes online now; the set is available for pre-order at Rhino's online store. Merchandise bundles include a T-shirt, bumper sticker, tote bag, iron-on patch, place mat and a cassette of an interview with frontman Paul Westerberg, parts of which were edited for a promotional LP that was sent to radio.

The Replacements, 'Pleased to Meet Me: Deluxe Edition' Track Listing
Disc One: Original Album + Rare, Single-Only Tracks
1. “I.O.U.”
2. “Alex Chilton”
3. “I Don’t Know”
4. “Nightclub Jitters”
5. “The Ledge”
6. “Never Mind”
7. “Valentine”
8. “Shooting Dirty Pool”
9. “Red Red Wine”
10. “Skyway”
11. “Can’t Hardly Wait”
12. “Election Day”
13. “Jungle Rock”
14. “Route 66”
15. “Tossin’ n’ Turnin’”
16. “Cool Water”
17. “Can’t Hardly Wait” – Jimmy Iovine Remix

Disc Two: Blackberry Way Demos
1. “Bundle Up”
2. “Birthday Gal”
3. “I.O.U.”
4. “Red Red Wine”
5. “Photo”
6. “Time Is Killing Us”
7. “Valentine”
8. “Awake Tonight”
9. “Hey Shadow”
10. “I Don’t Know”
11. “Kick It In” 1
12. “Shooting Dirty Pool”
13. “Kick It In” 2
14. “All He Wants to Do Is Fish”
15. “Even If It’s Cheap”

Disc Three: Rough Mixes, Outtakes, & Alternates
1. “Valentine” – Rough Mix
2. “Never Mind” – Rough Mix
3. “Birthday Gal” – Rough Mix
4. “Alex Chilton” – Rough Mix
5. “Election Day” – Rough Mix
6. “Kick It In” – Rough Mix
7. “Red Red Wine” – Rough Mix
8. “The Ledge” – Rough Mix
9. “I.O.U.” – Rough Mix
10. “Can’t Hardly Wait” – Rough Mix
11. “Nightclub Jitters” – Rough Mix
12. “Skyway” – Rough Mix
13. “Cool Water” – Rough Mix
14. “Birthday Gal”
15. “Learn How to Fail”
16. “Run for the Country”
17. “All He Wants to Do Is Fish”
18. “I Can Help” – Outtake
19. “Lift Your Skirt”
20. “‘Til We’re Nude”
21. “Beer for Breakfast”
22. “Trouble on the Way”
23. “I Don’t Know” – Outtake


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