In a recent interview, Red Hot Chili Peppers singer Anthony Kiedis and new guitarist Josh Klinghoffer surprisingly state that they have never heard the music of their drumming bandmate Chad Smith's other group, Chickenfoot.

Now, perhaps they're joking -- after all, the Chili Peppers are known for a heightened sense of humor, such as wearing giant light bulbs on their heads or socks on their wangs while performing in concert.

Besides, you'd assume that after singing in front of the same drummer for over 20 years, Kiedis would somehow at least accidentally wander into hearing Smith's work on the first Chickenfoot album, which came out two years ago.

But there it is in black and white, as Q magazine asks Kiedis what he thinks of Smith's team-up with Sammy Hagar, Joe Satriani and Michael Anthony, and the singer responds, "I don't believe I've ever heard Chickenfoot."

Now you'd think at least the the new guy, Klinghoffer, would show a little love to a senior RHCP member at this point, and say "oh yeah, it's great!" But no, he and the reporter both reveal they've not heard the music either, leaving Kiedis to sum up, "There you go: three men in one room who've not listened to Chickenfoot."

So now we're left to wonder if they're serious, and if bassist Flea is also among the fraternity of Peppers who have yet to rock out to excellent songs like 'Down the Drain.'

Kiedis will get another shot to hear his buddy's band soon, with Chickenfoot's new song 'Big Foot' expected next week. Both groups will also release new albums within a month of each other. First up is the Peppers' 'I'm With You,' which hits stores Aug. 30. Chickenfoot follows Sept. 27 with their second album, 'Chickenfoot III.'

Smith will be touring with the Chili Peppers throughout the coming months, and as a result Chickenfoot is currently auditioning drummers to temporarily occupy his spot for their upcoming shows.

Watch a Teaser for Chickenfoot's New Single 'Big Foot'

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