Quiet Riot has released a previously unfinished track featuring late vocalist Kevin DuBrow and late drummer Frankie Banali.

"I Can't Hold On" appears on a newly remastered version of the group's 2008 album, Rehab, which has been added to streaming services for the first time. You can watch a video below.

DuBrow and Banali passed away in 2007 and in 2020, respectively. They're joined on this posthumous release by bassist Rudy Sarzo, a Metal Health-era bandmate. Guitarist Alex Grossi completes the lineup on the recording, which began as a demo that he and DuBrow wrote and recorded in 2003.

Grossi also plays guitar in the current version of Quiet Riot with Sarzo. He discovered the vintage recording by chance in 2021, and Quiet Riot decided to finish "I Can't Hold On" so that fans could hear it at last. “I had completely forgotten about it until it turned up on an old iPod last summer," Grossi said in a news release. "The way it came to life almost 20 years later is truly special.”

Sarzo said he became emotional while recording bass parts to help complete the track. "I was all by myself, but [spiritually],  Frankie and Kevin were in the room with me," he tells UCR. "I know their musical tastes so well, and what they liked. That helped [shape] my perception of what my contribution should be – so everybody's happy."

Regina Banali, Frankie's widow, was moved to develop a video for "I Can't Hold On," featuring archival footage and photographs. She notes that the Rehab album was "very important" to both the drummer and DuBrow, while it eventually became "a significant part" of the musical soundtrack of her 2014 film about Quiet Riot.

The new version of Rehab, featuring "I Can't Hold On," is available now.

Watch the Video for 'I Can't Hold On' by Quiet Riot

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