A Super Bowl 50 commercial brilliantly outlines how a new feature in Hyundai's Genesis model can ease a worried dad's mind, all to the perfectly appropriate accompaniment of Queen's "Another One Bites the Dust."

The Genesis comes equipped with a car-finder feature that this particular father, played by Kevin Hart, uses to track his daughter on a date. Her unsuspecting love interest then finds himself face to face with Hart in a variety of ever-funnier situations – first at the movies, then on a midway at the fair and, perhaps inevitably, during a thwarted make-out session at a quiet overlook.

"Favorite spot, favorite girl," her hapless date says just before Hart shows up yet again to say, "You're messing with the wrong daddy!" That finally convinces the frustrated young man – played by actor Christopher Meyer, who's been seen on NCIS: New Orleans – to bring his daughter back home. "Back so soon?" Hart's character asks, with mock curiosity. "Honey, what'd you guys do tonight?"

The seven-times platinum "Another One Bites the Dust," written by now-retired bassist John Deacon, remains Queen's bestselling single. Pulled from 1980's The Game, it became Queen's second chart-topping Billboard single, even crossing over to reach No. 2 on the R&B and disco charts.

Since its release, the song has found a home at sports stadiums everywhere and on TV. It earlier appeared in an ad for Weight Watchers and in a particularly funny older commercial for Aiwa sound.

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